21 Luglio 2022

7 Ways To Screenshot In Windows 10

Tha will dim the screen and add a small toolbar at the top of the Windows screen display. On the toolbar, choose to snip a rectangle, […]
18 Luglio 2022

How to Create and Extract RAR Files in Windows 10?

This will enable you to access the compressed file. Thereafter, you can find the various files compressed in this file. If you have saved all of […]
14 Luglio 2022

DirectX Instalation Issue

It was only ВЈ5.00 more than the conquests expansion pack So I thought OK get that and I can give the originals to my son. Conquests […]
13 Luglio 2022

How to See File Extensions in Windows 7, 8 or 10

Sometimes you may see an IPv6 address instead of IPv4 as shown in the below example. Apart from the major browsers, you can also block websites […]
12 Luglio 2022

7 Best Free Host File Editor Software For Windows

In yuzu, click on + Add New Game Directory in the browser, and navigate to the folder where you placed your XCI or NSP files. Next, […]